Model, Process & IT Efficiency

Over time, as models become layered with new calculations, new or enhanced functionality may become available in the software, or new hardware maybe released, both of which could benefit your models. To ensure your model is performing efficiently in terms of coding, process and IT infrastructure then our combined team of technical and actuarial consultants can assist you in profiling and amending the models and processes. Examples of the consulting we can undertake are provided below and should you have any questions then please contact your local consulting representative.

  • Examination of the model structure against the best practice approach to modeling in order to improve model runtimes.
  • Analysis of the code to determine the inefficient use of Modeler functionality or to identify code that takes a large proportion of model runtime therefore highlighting where to focus when implementing model improvements.
  • Analysis to identify what external processing is completed that could be moved within Modeler and Process Manager to reduce the end to end processing time and also reduce manual intervention and manipulation by providing more automation.
  • Model review to identify how new functionality could be used within your models and processes along with its potential impact.
  • Example runs on our in-house servers and grid set-up of your models to provide indicative runtimes for particular IT set-ups.