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RNA Analytics R³S Training Sessions
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RNA Analytics are pleased to announce we will be holding regular training courses at our Reigate office in the UK starting from June 2019. 

Please note that these courses are designed for licensed users of the software.

Foundation Course (2 days)

This course provides a firm foundation for modelling in R³S Modeler by covering the main components of the system in detail. Following the course, you will be able to use and develop code in the system for company-specific products. It is essential that delegates complete the pre-requisite course in their own time (provided by RNA Analytics) before attending the 2-day teacher led course.

Please see the course overview here.

Advanced Training Course (1 day)

Our 1-day Advanced Training Course allows our clients to learn about concepts and functionalities not covered in our Foundation and ALM Course. These modules are advanced and are aimed at Intermediate/Advanced level R³S Modeler users. 
Clients attending this course could find solutions to meet their more complex modelling needs.
For 2019 we are holding four advanced training courses.

Please see the course overview here.


ALM Course (2 days)

This course is for R³S users who already have a good understanding of R³S Modeler. Users should have attended the Foundation training course and be regular users of the system. Users will learn how to modify liability and asset child programs built from standard code and complete a parent program to model some company decisions, feeding the results of the decisions into the child programs.

Please see the course overview here.


R³S Modeler Training Schedule 2019

Quarter (2019)


R³S Modeler
Training Course


24th-25th June

Fou n dation Course

26th June

Advan ce d Training Course 1


5th-6th August

ALM Co u rse

7th August

Advanc e d Training Course 2


2nd-3rd September

Foundatio  n Course

4th September

Advance d  Training Course 1

4th-5th November

ALM  Co urse

6th November

Advanced Tr a ining Course 2