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RNA Analytics Introduces Updated Version of R³S Software
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Press contact: Vicky Daniels, Solutions Marketing Manager, RNA Analytics. 
Phone: +44 (0) 1737 246586 Email: vicky.daniels@rnaanalytics.com 


RNA Analytics Introduces Updated Version of R³S Software

Reigate, UK – July, 2019 

Providing insurers with simple and efficient ways to meet their complex needs by using innovative software and consulting, the global software and consulting company RNA Analytics has released an updated version of its R³S financial and risk modeling software. 

R³S is a software solution for financial, risk and actuarial analysis. It is designed to help companies meet their need for more realistic and granular modeling in financial analysis and regulatory compliance. By using a single software suite, users can use a consistent set of calculations, approaches and skills to improve on the granularity, accuracy and speed with which they can produce information and metrics. The flexibility with which the suite can handle calculations, data and processes enable a business to implement the approach where it can realize the most value. 

With R³S release 3.0, RNA Analytics has focused on improving operational efficiencies and end-to-end governance and control. The enhancements in this release are based on market requirements, client feedback and input from our internal R³S users worldwide, which build on the software’s existing strengths. 

Version 3.0 enables users to write the model results directly to a database, reducing the amount of manual intervention in production environments and improving the overall processing time of a reporting period, optimizing workflow, resources and productivity.

The release also includes an additional offering in the software suite called R³S Development Manager. This is a source control system for model development enabling multi-user development of models and their storage in a central repository with a version history of changes in the models. R³S Development Manager, the perfect tool for collaboration and scalability.

‘Regulators strive for ever greater insights into the risks firms face, the ability for companies to model risks quickly, flexibly and accurately has never been more important. In addition to our strong, technical, and actuarial consulting teams, we utilize our advanced modeling software R³S, to help firms respond to these challenges.

We are very pleased to provide release 3.0 to our clients to answer the more challenging modeling problems. We provide companies with solutions that can be implemented into their daily business, 
simplify the building and understanding of large and complex company models.’
  Ian Thomas, Associate Director, Consulting, RNA Analytics.