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We specialize in modeling with R³S Modeler. We can help by improving the efficiency of your models. We can also offer some smaller-scale model implementation services. We can help you improve the processes that involve R³S Modeler and help you embed R³S Modeler into a broader IT infrastructure.

Our depth of knowledge of R³S Modeler is extensive and unlikely to be surpassed. Our modeling advisory function team work very closely with the development function, enabling us to advise you on the latest system developments and how they could impact your models and processes.

We have strategic alliances with several actuarial consulting firms who can use their access to the R³S product suite to provide advisory and implementation services to our clients worldwide. These firms have built teams of consultants who are trained to use the R³S products.

We chose each consultancy based on the quality of their actuarial and modeling expertise, and we have tried to ensure there are at least two firms that can cover key countries so that you can choose a firm that does not already act as your auditor.


In addition, the consultants can be engaged to work alongside our team to provide the best possible mix of resources combining modeling support and advisory expertise on a larger scale.

Consulting Overview