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R³S software suite

R³S is the new brand name for the IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® software suite that we acquired in July 2017.

The R³S software suite is a software solution for financial, risk, and actuarial analysis. We design and develop it to help you meet your need for more realistic and detailed modeling in financial analysis and regulatory compliance.

We aim to improve the way in which your business use risk and actuarial software. Many different departments can use the R³S software suite, from product development, pricing, financial and regulatory reporting through to the risk function. By using a single software suite, you can use a consistent set of calculations, approaches, and skills to improve the consistency, accuracy, and speed with which you can produce information and metrics. The flexibility with which the suite can handle calculations, data, and processes enables you to implement the approach where you believe you can realize the most value.

With software that can run nested stochastic dynamic asset and liability management (ALM) models in the cloud, you can model realistic interactions and decisions and then stress and investigate these to better understand the risks and their impact on the business. The process workflow features enable you to schedule automated runs as well as execute one-off runs as you respond to internal and external needs. 

We have designed the R³S software suite to


Make risk and actuarial models easier to use, understand, and review 


Optimize run speed for stochastic modeling 


Make large company models easier to build and understand


Enable either 32-bit or 64-bit processing


Maximize flexibility and transparency
to easily handle any likely
future requirements


Install and distribute to a range of cloud providers


Ease the implementation process


Ease automation, security, governance, and auditability

Enable the separation of development and production