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R³S Modeler

R³S Modeler is the new name for IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® Foundation.

R³S Modeler is a model-development environment that enables actuaries worldwide to build risk and regulatory models to perform a range of calculations. R³S Modeler makes it easy for you to share and reuse code in your models to reduce development costs and increase consistency.

There is a need for more realistic and complex modeling in risk and insurance. We designed R³S Modeler to address this need. Consequently, R³S Modeler can help you more easily meet the challenges of risk-based regimes and new accounting standards.


  • Provides a robust modeling environment that enables you to produce detailed management information, aiding a deeper, more accurate understanding of the business
  • Provides versatility and flexibility to support you throughout the actuarial control cycle, including:
    • Product design and pricing
    • Statutory valuations
    • Asset liability management and stochastic modeling
    • Financial reporting (EV, MCEV, Solvency II, IFRS, US GAAP)
    • Financial projections
    • Business and capital planning
    • Economic capital and risk-adjusted return calculations
    • Evaluation of alternative risk-management strategies
  • Includes optimizations for stochastic modeling to give fast run speeds without reducing accuracy
  • Includes advanced curve-fitting techniques that enable you to significantly reduce the number of simulations needed for complex stochastic models
  • Enhances confidence with a secure modeling and production environment that supports compliance across a range of risk-based regulatory and other supervisory regimes, including Solvency II and IFRS
  • Supports transparency, audit, workflow, and control over the modeling process
  • Provides an advanced infrastructure that enables complete separation of model development and production
  • Supports large-scale processing, including compatibility with grid and cloud technology
  • Provides an easy-to-use yet powerful graphical model-development environment
  • Provides templates of common actuarial calculations that you can customize and include in your models, aiding quick deployment