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R³S Process Manager

R³S Process Manager is the new name of IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® Enterprise. 

The R³S Modeler model-development environment can create run archive files containing executable model code. R³S Process Manager enables you to publish these run archive files to a security-enhanced web server where you can safely prepare, manage, and schedule models for execution. You can use R³S Worker or a third-party grid computing system to perform the execution.

Users can operate R³S Process Manager without knowing how to use R³S Modeler.

While developing a model with R³S Modeler, you can specify run-time parameters to provide ways to control what the model does. These run-time parameters can include things such as the portfolio date, the projection step lengths, and the location of external assumptions and data. In R³S Process Manager, you can specify values for these runtime parameters while preparing models for execution.

To protect the integrity of the production process, R³S Process Manager includes a security capability that enables you to control and manage the production process. Each user has a customizable user profile so that administrators can define each user's level of access according to that user's role.

Administrators can enable or restrict any activity in R³S Process Manager, giving flexibility over application setup and control. Administrators can also monitor what users do in R³S Process Manager.

R³S Process Manager includes numerous internal controls and audit features to ensure that the production process supports IT compliance standards:

  • Versioning of models and files
  • Model run validation
  • Audit compliance
  • Full runtime progress and summary log files