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R³S Standard Code Package

Whether starting out with a new software system, developing and pricing new products for launch, or implementing new regulations, people often need to build accurate and realistic models as quickly as possible. The R³S Standard Code Package can help. It provides an extensive library of R³S Modeler code that you can use in your own models.

The R³S Standard Code Package contains many building blocks (R³S Modeler modules) that you can combine to form assets, liabilities, products, and calculation routines.

We have designed the calculation routines of the building blocks to work smoothly with each other and wrote them using expert local knowledge. You can create programs to fit your specific needs by combining the relevant building blocks.

The consistency provided by the shared building blocks enables multinational users to report across all offices in a standardized manner and enables different business units to base their models on the same code. This is a key advantage in international projects and for risk management, as well as for smaller companies wanting consistent model code across all functions.