R3S Software Suite

R3S has received phenomenal interest from companies globally, with over 150 companies licensing the system since it was originally launched as VIPitech in 2006. R3S is the market-leading software for financial and actuarial analysis, designed in response to the increasing focus on risk and capital management and the demand for more realistic modeling in financial analysis.

R3S software suite includes:

  • Modeler
  • Process Manager
  • Toolkit
  • Solvency II Standard Formula Model
  • Grid Connector
  • Worker

Modeler has been specifically designed to:

  • Make actuarial models easy to use, understand and review
  • Simplify the building and understanding of large and complex company models
  • Make the implementation process straightforward and effective
  • Optimize run speed for stochastic modeling
  • Maximize flexibility and transparency to easily handle any likely future requirements

Modeler includes an extensive Standard Code Library:

  • Large and fully customizable standard code library covering cash flow modeling of all main life, pension, annuity and health care products and features as well as assets
  • Wide range of process code for reserving, realistic reporting, PVFP / EV, IFRS and so on
  • Country specific code including US and French specific libraries
  • Example models to demonstrate standard code capabilities and also system functionality