Enterprise allows signed off model executable code from the Foundation development environment to be published to a security-enhanced web server where it can be safely prepared, managed, and scheduled for run using Worker or other third-party proprietary grid capabilities. This capability makes Enterprise a distinct interface for users, totally separate from the Foundation modeling environment.

Use of the application requires no prior knowledge of the Foundation modeling development environment. Within the application, users can prepare models for results creation, including key decisions at runtime without altering the underlying calculations. For instance, users can change the model projection step length, or the external assumptions used within the run. Exposed parameters can be defined as part of the model development process to suit the type of resources utilized within a structured, operational model development and production system.

Once set up, models can be scheduled to run using the Worker or other third-party proprietary grid systems. Enterprise also supports a Computing on Demand environment.

To protect the integrity of the production process, Enterprise comes with an integrated security capability so that the production of models can be safeguarded and managed across all users throughout an organization. Access to Enterprise is managed through customizable user profiles and defined roles and permissions. Any aspect of usage within Enterprise can be enabled or restricted, giving maximum flexibility for application setup and control to those administering it. The system setup is traceable so the system administrator can monitor activity performed within Enterprise.

Numerous internal controls and audit features are included within Enterprise to verify that the production process is auditable and supports IT compliance standards:

  • Versioning of models and files
  • Model run validations
  • Audit compliance
  • Full runtime progress and summary log files