The Toolkit allows you to build your own interfaces and dashboards to be able to run models or embed the running of models in other applications to further control the processes undertaken. You gain access to the APIs that enable models to be re-run without re-generation and recompilation of models. These APIs are the basis for Process Manager, a pre-built working solution, that shows how the Toolkit can be used to embed the running of models in a secure, structured, process-driven framework. Collectively the APIs are known as the "Toolkit".

Key Benefits

  • It allows you to run models from outside of Modeler, thus providing a clear distinction between employees who develop models from those who run the models.
  • You are not required to have either Modeler or the compiler installed on the PC from which the application utilizing the Toolkit is run.
  • Removes the need to have a license for the users of the developed models.
  • Can be installed alongside other applications and used to build an automated production environment.

Key Features

  • When a model or batch is built or run in Modeler a file with the extension .wvz, called a Run Archive, is created. The run archive contains all files needed to be able to create a results workspace which can then be executed using the Toolkit.
  • Runtime parameters, such as location of data files and assumptions, can be populated via an XML file or have individual parameters set programmatically.
  • The execution and status of a job can be monitored with any errors encountered reported as if viewing the run through the Modeler interface and also the ability to cancel the run if required.
  • Jobs can be distributed.
  • Report back the results of a check on the various external input sources of a job.
  • Retrieve information regarding the results of a job process, for example successful execution.

For anyone wishing to embed the running of models within an alternative application the Toolkit is an essential tool to fully realize and enhance the end-to-end process of an automated production environment.