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Experts in sophisticated actuarial models and advanced modeling software


We specialize in modeling with R³S Modeler. We can help by improving the efficiency of your models. We can also offer some smaller-scale model implementation services.


RNA Analytics have been involved in helping insurers prepare for IFRS 17 for several years and have undertaken successful implementations for many clients using the R³S software.

Solvency Ⅱ

Solvency II has been in effect since the beginning of 2016 and we have helped many of our clients to use R³S Modeler for many aspects of regulatory compliance.


We undertake many types of implementation work, from simple model enhancement to full replacement of existing tools and improving the models and processes.

Model, process, & IT efficiency

Over time, models are changed to meet new demands and software and hardware is upgraded. These factors often give opportunities to improve model efficiency.

Risk management and hedging

Due to the increasing complexity of the risk environment and the development of more advanced ways to measure and manage risk, the importance of risk management and hedging is increasing.


IFRS 4 Phase I, which was introduced in March 2004, permitted companies to continue their existing accounting practices for insurance contracts, and enhanced existing insurance liability valuation methods by requiring insurers to perform a Liability Adequacy Test.

Long-term business planning

A model for an entire enterprise can help you assess the merits of alternative management strategies or the impact of changes in the insurance market and the regulatory environment.

IFRS employee benefit
liability valuation

The introduction of IFRS changed the way employers value the retirement and other long-term benefits they provide to their employees.


Clients worldwide use our versatile actuarial and risk software to meet their needs

R³S Modeler

R³S Modeler is the new name for IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® Foundation.

R³S Process Manager

The R³S Modeler model-development environment can create run archive files containing executable model code.

R³S Toolkit

The R³S Toolkit provides APIs that enable you to build your own interfaces and dashboards so that you can run models or embed the running of models in other applications.

R3S Standard Code Package

Whether starting out with a new software system, developing and pricing new products for launch, or implementing new regulations, people often need to build accurate and realistic models as quickly as possible.

R³S IFRS 17 Package

The R³S IFRS 17 Package is a library of R³S Modeler code for IFRS17 calculations. It includes a range of example calculations and processes that you can use when developing your own IFRS 17 models.

R³S Solvency II Package

The R³S Solvency II Package is a library of R³S Modeler code for Solvency II calculations. It includes a range of code that you can use in your existing models and some template models that you can build upon to develop your Solvency II models.


News and announcements

RNA Analytics Spanish office new employees

We are pleased to welcome our newest recruits at the Spanish office, Mr. Javier Alvarez and Mr. Manuel Montes. Javier has a degree in economics and a master's degree in financial markets. He joined the RNA Analytics team in April as head of the business relationship with our clients in Southern Europe and Latin America. He brings an extensive experience in the banking and insurance industry working at technology solutions providers such as Thomson Reuters and Grupo CIMD, and previously at Santander private banking. Manuel is Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Spain. Manuel has recently joined RNA Analytics as Actuarial Consultant based in the Madrid office in order to work with local clients in the implementation of actuarial models in R³S and support the pre-sales team. Before joining RNA, Manuel worked for Reinsurance Group of America RGA as a Senior Pricing Actuary and for Milliman as a consultant, where he was working in the implementation of Embedded Value and Solvency II actuarial models. In the past, Manuel was also employed at Swiss Re and in direct general insurer Línea Directa in various roles. (Photo: Mr. Manuel Montes (left) and Mr. Javier Alvarez (right)) Contact: Mr. Javier Alvarez: javier.alvarez@rnaanalytics.com Mr. Manuel Montes manuel.montes@rnaanalytics.com

RNA Analytics successfully held R³S User Forum in Spain

The Spanish R³S User Forum, held on 6 and 7 June in Madrid, proved to be very popular with the twenty local customers who attended. R³S is the new brand name for the IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® software suite that RNA Analytics acquired in July 2017. The key objectives of the event were to introduce the main functionalities of R³S Modeler, demonstrating R³S Process Manager, the R³S roadmap and approach to IFRS 17. Both RNA Analytics and R³S users agreed that it was a great opportunity to interact with each other to share technical knowledge and discuss various topics. It also gave our Product Director, Actuarial Consultants and Sales Executives the chance to get first-hand accounts of our customers’ experiences. Javier Alvarez, Sales Executive of RNA Analytics in Spain said “Through this event, the UK team had the chance to listen our customer’s feedback and their company’s level of satisfaction on R³S. This event also allowed us to understand and look into seeking new opportunities locally. We aim to have better insights not only with our products, but also commercially.” The results from our survey showed that our participants were very satisfied with the contents covered and were pleased with the level of interaction during the Forum. Our Consultants worked exceptionally hard leading up to the Forum to ensure it was a success and it was encouraging to receive such positive feedback. We hope to organize User Forums in other regions to help us to connect with all our clients and gain a better understanding of their needs. Contact :javier.alvarez@rnaanalytics.com

Signed Partnership RNA Analytics and SecondFloor for IFRS 17 in Asia-Pacific

We are pleased to announce that during the 2nd quarter of 2018, RNA Analytics and SecondFloor agreed to a partnership to better serve the insurance market in Asia-Pacific region for implementing IFRS 17. The aim of this partnership is to license and distribute SecondFloor's eFrame® software under the chosen name: R³S eFrame® Enterprise. By combining the software package and expertise of each party, RNA Analytics is now able to provide clients in Asia-Pacific with complete, scalable, end-to-end solutions for IFRS 17. The partnership will capitalize on RNA Analytics strong presence and expertise in actuarial modelling across Asia-Pacific, particularly for IFRS 17; alongside SecondFloor’s excellent solutions and technology innovations to automate reporting processes. The teams of RNA Analytics and SecondFloor have a strong and long-established relationship, working together since 2010. RNA Analytics’ advanced and flexible actuarial and risk modelling capability (R³S), together with SecondFloor's software, process control, data management and reporting will enable insurers to meet the upcoming IFRS 17 regulatory requirements. eFrame® is a very powerful data and process management tool, designed to manage reporting cycles in the highly regulated financial industry. eFrame® gathers data from across the organization for analysis and reporting purposes. The proven technology supports top-tier insurers across Europe with repeatable and auditable reporting processes. About RNA Analytics RNA Analytics was established in 2017 but is formed around a software development and consulting team that has been working together for many years. RNA Analytics offers insurance firms a comprehensive actuarial and risk modeling solution that provides essential analytics and regulatory metrics to help meet the needs of financial services companies worldwide. The solution supports the modeling of insurance and asset portfolios across a spectrum of risk-based regulatory regimes including Solvency II and IFRS. It helps insurers meet requirements for more realistic and complex modeling to enable critical risk-informed decision making. R³S is a leading software product for financial and actuarial analysis, designed in response to the increasing focus on risk and capital management and the demand for more realistic modeling in financial analysis. About SecondFloor SecondFloor is a market leading specialized RegTech supplier of risk and regulatory reporting solutions in Europe. Our mission is to accelerate reporting with innovative and agile solutions, that facilitate the reporting and governance processes of our customers. In complex regulated environments – with new requirements, more reporting and shorter timelines – our clients feel confident with controlled and audited processes that produce the required reports on time. SecondFloor offers scalable solutions that fit any size of company in the highly regulated financial sector. For more information about our solutions and services and/or the established partnership in Asia-Pacific region, please contact via e-mail:sales@rnaanalytics.com.


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