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We specialize in modeling with R³S Modeler. We can help by improving the efficiency of your models. We can also offer some smaller-scale model implementation services.


RNA Analytics have been involved in helping insurers prepare for IFRS 17 for several years and have undertaken successful implementations for many clients using the R³S software.

Solvency Ⅱ

Solvency II has been in effect since the beginning of 2016 and we have helped many of our clients to use R³S Modeler for many aspects of regulatory compliance.


We undertake many types of implementation work, from simple model enhancement to full replacement of existing tools and improving the models and processes.

Model, process, & IT efficiency

Over time, models are changed to meet new demands and software and hardware is upgraded. These factors often give opportunities to improve model efficiency.

Risk management and hedging

Due to the increasing complexity of the risk environment and the development of more advanced ways to measure and manage risk, the importance of risk management and hedging is increasing.


IFRS 4 Phase I, which was introduced in March 2004, permitted companies to continue their existing accounting practices for insurance contracts, and enhanced existing insurance liability valuation methods by requiring insurers to perform a Liability Adequacy Test.

Long-term business planning

A model for an entire enterprise can help you assess the merits of alternative management strategies or the impact of changes in the insurance market and the regulatory environment.

IFRS employee benefit
liability valuation

The introduction of IFRS changed the way employers value the retirement and other long-term benefits they provide to their employees.


Clients worldwide use our versatile actuarial and risk software to meet their needs

R³S Modeler

R³S Modeler is the new name for IBM® Algo Financial Modeler® Foundation.

R³S Process Manager

The R³S Modeler model-development environment can create run archive files containing executable model code.

R³S Toolkit

The R³S Toolkit provides APIs that enable you to build your own interfaces and dashboards so that you can run models or embed the running of models in other applications.

R3S Standard Code Package

Whether starting out with a new software system, developing and pricing new products for launch, or implementing new regulations, people often need to build accurate and realistic models as quickly as possible.

R³S IFRS 17 Package

The R³S IFRS 17 Package is a library of R³S Modeler code for IFRS17 calculations. It includes a range of example calculations and processes that you can use when developing your own IFRS 17 models.

R³S Solvency II Package

The R³S Solvency II Package is a library of R³S Modeler code for Solvency II calculations. It includes a range of code that you can use in your existing models and some template models that you can build upon to develop your Solvency II models.


News and announcements

RNA Analytics successfully completes IFRS 17 Orange Life Insurance Project

Press contact: Vicky Daniels, Solutions Marketing Manager, RNA Analytics. Phone: +44 (0) 1737 246586 Email: vicky.daniels@rnaanalytics.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RNA Analytics successfully completes IFRS 17 Orange Life Insurance Project Reigate, UK – September 2019 Most Korean insurers are already implementing IFRS 17 systems but many are struggling in a number of areas. The most difficult part of the IFRS 17 implementation for Korean insurers is the construction of the cash flow engine, because performing complex calculations on a regular and timely basis is almost impossible with most existing actuarial solutions. The complexity of the calculations combined with the desired granularity of results have meant many insurers with their existing actuarial solutions having to invest, at a huge cost, in high specification hardware in order to produce their IFRS 17 results in their required timeframe. Already aware of the difficulties of deploying an enterprise level IFRS 17 solution, RNA Analytics’ software development and actuarial consulting teams have been working for several years analyzing all the requirements for IFRS 17 to spearhead large-scale developments in R³S, RNA Analytics’ actuarial modeling solution, that implement the new features required to meet client requirements. Almost all the requirements needed by IFRS 17, from the calculation of new accounting concepts such as the risk adjustment and contractual service margin, to the most complex modeling of Korean insurance products as well as the linkage with reinsurance, various embedded option value calculations, new payment plans, dynamic decision-making, and large database processing functions were considered when designing the new features. The most recent developments in the R³S software have enabled insurers to optimize the structure of their models, thereby dramatically reducing the cost of hardware, while still meeting the new requirements. In particular, the IFRS 17 implementation project at Orange Life, is considered to be the most successful project in the industry. Almost all of the requirements had already been implemented in the R³S solution as a result of previous IFRS 17 project implementations. The K-Insurance Capital Standard (K-ICS) and dynamic ALM models were also built in R³S to implement an enterprise-wide business model within Orange Life. With the new functionality within the software, users have the ability to directly load large result sets into databases such as Oracle. This removes the requirement to purchase additional ETL software and reduces the storage space required as results do not need to be staged prior to being loaded into the reporting system. This results in the establishment of a highly efficient and automated system from a ROI perspective. “Through this project, we were able to proactively respond to system changes such as IFRS 17, and establish a systematic basis for conducting an actuarial valuation and strategic analysis” Seokho Woo, Managing Director - Orange Life. “As a result of this project, Orange Life has built the industry-leading actuarial infrastructure system to provide timely settlement reports and various company reports. Thus providing a foundation for rapid response to the accounting and regulatory requirements of IFRS 17, in addition supporting management decisions and responding to changes in management processes required under the new accounting system” Harry Kim, CEO - RNA Analytics. *** About RNA Analytics RNA Analytics is a company formed around a product team that has been working together for over 20 years. RNA Analytics offers insurance firms a comprehensive actuarial modeling solution that provides essential risk and regulatory metrics to help meet the needs of an existing global client base. This solution supports the modeling of insurance portfolios across a spectrum of risk-based regulatory regimes such as Solvency II and IFRS. It helps meet the business needs of insurers for more realistic and complex modeling to enable critical risk-informed decision support for growth.

RNA Analytics推出R³S软件的更新版本

Press contact: Vicky Daniels, Solutions Marketing Manager, RNA Analytics. Phone: +44 (0) 1737 246586 Email: vicky.daniels@rnaanalytics.com 即將更新 RNA Analytics推出R³S软件的更新版本 英国雷盖特 • 2019 年 6 月 全球软件和咨询公司RNA Analytics已发布R³S财务和风险建模软件的更新版本,为保险公司提供简单、高效的方法来通过使用创新软件和咨询来满足其复杂需求。 R³S是财务、风险和精算分析的软件解决方案。它旨在帮助公司满足在财务分析和法规遵从性方面更真实、更精细的建模需求。通过使用单个软件套件,用户可以使用一致的计算、方法和技能来改进生成信息和指标的粒度、准确性和速度。套件处理计算、数据和流程的灵活性使企业能够达到实现最大价值的方法。 在 R³S 版本 3.0中, RNA Analytics专注于提高运算效率及端到端治理和控制。此版本中增强的功能是基于市场需求、客户反馈以及我们全球R³S用户的意见,并依此建立了软件的现有优势。 版本 3.0 使用户能够将模型结果直接写入数据库,从而减少生产环境中的手动干预,并缩短报告期间的总体处理时间,从而优化工作流程、资源和生产效率。 该版本还增加了名称为R³S 开发管理器(R³S Development Manager)的软件套件。这是一个用于模型开发的源代码管理系统,支持模型的多用户开发及在中央存储库中存储模型更改版本的历史记录。R3S 开发管理器(R³S Development Manager),是协作和可扩展性的完美工具。 “监管机构从未像现在这样的要求公司对所面临的风险有更深入的洞察,快速、灵活、准确地的对风险建模的能力。除了我们强大的技术和精算咨询团队外,我们还利用我们先进的建模软件 R³S,帮助企业应对这些挑战。 我们很高兴为客户提供版本 3.0,以回应更具挑战性的建模问题。我们为公司提供可将其落实到日常业务中的解决方案, 简化大型和复杂公司模型的构建和理解”。 Ian Thomas, Associate Director, Consulting, RNA Analytics.

RNA Analytics Ltd.はこの度 R³S Modeler の最新バージョンをリリース致します。

本プレスリリースに対する問い合わせ: 西岡 隆司, 営業部長 RNA Analytics 株式会社 電話番号: +81 70 4311 3548, メールアドレス: takashi.nishioka@rnaanalytics.com RNA Analytics Ltd.はこの度 R³S Modeler の最新バージョンをリリース致します。 イギリス、ライゲイト – 2019年6月 グローバルソフトウェア・コンサルティング会社である RNA Analytics Ltd.(CEO: Harry Kim) は、この度 R³S Modeler の新しいバージョンをリリース致しました。 R³S Modeler は、金融リスク・アクチュアリー分析を行うためのソフトウェアです。お客様が財 務分析および法令遵守における、より現実的できめ細かいモデリングのニーズを満たすのに役 立つように設計されています。オールインワンのソフトウェアスイート製品をご利用いただく 事で、お客様は一貫性のある一連の計算、アプローチ、スキルをご使用の上、情報とメトリクスを生成で きる粒度、精度、速度を向上させることができます。 また計算、データ、プロセスを柔軟に処理でき、最 大限に価値を享受いただけます。 R³S Modeler 3.0 のリリースにおいて、当社は業務効率の向上とエンドツーエンド(End-to-end)のガバナ ンス、管理の強化に重点を置いてきました。 この度のリリースにおける機能強化は、市場におけるお客 様のご要望や、世界中の当社社内 R³S Modeler ユーザーからのご意見に基づいています。R³S Modeler 3.0 では、モデル結果を直接データベースに書き込むことが出来、実稼働環境での手動操作 の量が削減されるため、レポート期間の全体的な処理時間を短縮し、最適なワークフロー、リソース、生 産性が得られます。 このリリースには R³S Development Manager と呼ばれる製品の追加提供も含まれています。R³S Development Manager はモデル開発のソース管理システムで、モデルのマルチユーザー開発と中央リ ポジトリへの格納を可能にし、モデルの変更のバージョン履歴を記録するも可能にします。 また R³S Development Manager をご利用いただく事により、コラボレーションとスケーラビリティがより完璧に実行 出来ます。 「規制当局は、お客様が直面するリスクについてこれまで以上に考えております。お客様がリ スクを迅速、柔軟かつ正確にモデル化する事がこれまで以上に重要になっています。 当社の強 力で技術的な保険数理コンサルティングチームに加えて、当社は高度なモデリングソフトウェ ア R³S Modeler3.0 を用いて、お客様がこれらの課題に対応できるように支援致します。 R³S Modeler 3.0 のリリースにより、より困難なモデリングの問題に答える事が出来ます。当社はお 客様に日常業務に導入できるソリューションを提供し、大規模で複雑な企業モデルの構築と理 解より簡素化致します。」 Ian Thomas, Associate Director of Consulting, RNA Analytics Ltd.


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